The Best eCommerce Platforms

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had a job that paid $16,000 a day? If you’re willing to put some work in, there are great eCommerce platforms you can use to get an online store up and running. Your shop might have revenue on the same level as some of […]

How to Rank on the First Page of Google

A good SEO presence has the power to drive inbound traffic that could grow your business for years to come. Improve your website’s rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

Ten (10) Practices for Wix SEO

If you’ve ever built a website, or you’re looking for a suitable website builder, you’ve no doubt heard of Wix.
It’s renowned for its easy-to-use interface, its suitability for beginners, and it gets good reviews for its flexibility, professional-looking templates, and support.

Basic Guide: Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

The SERPs (search engine results pages) are the listings you see whenever you type a query into a search engine.  For most of us (63%, plus 90% of mobile searches), that search engine will be Google, so if your website does well in Google’s SERPs, you’re going to see a lot of organic traffic. When it comes […]

How to Use Facebook Business Suite – Beginners Guide

Are you struggling to keep up with your Instagram and Facebook marketing?  DMs and comments falling through the cracks? Do the multiple tabs for all your accounts and features like the Ad Manager drive you nuts? Then you’re going to fall head over heels with Facebook Business Suite. It’s the platform’s newest creation, designed to iron […]

How Long Does It Really Take to Rank at Google’s Top Search Results

Yep, it’s a controversial subject among SEOs. But, you probably already know this: I recommend link building. The words “link building” have a bad reputation. Why? Because, in the past, it was improperly executed by overeager marketers. Today, some people try to sugarcoat it or call it something like “reputation building.” I call it like it […]