Why should you be using audience insight analysis DATA as the cornerstone of your marketing strategies?

You’re likely already familiar with the stages that make up the marketing funnel: starting from the top you have Awareness and Interest, where your work will be all about the visibility of your brand to consumers.

The middle of the funnel is where audiences will be considering your brand and you will be working on developing customers’ buying intent in order to secure conversions.

At the bottom of the funnel you can find those who have purchased, meaning that your work switches to efforts to maintain relationships and retain customers.

Each of these steps requires different kinds of content and timing, but what they share is a reliance on you understanding who your audiences are, where should you be reaching them- with what content, at what time- and how much will you have to spend to convert them? To answer all of the following you need to rely on as much DATA as possible – luckily, digital marketing has made it readily accessible.

We are data driven with clear strategy driving real-time results.

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